Thursday, August 19, 2010

a proclamation, a picture, a playlist, and a plan.

i'm beginning to seriously doubt my ability to write specifically-themed blog entries, so my september project on here will probably be titled something like 'whatever i feel like writing about,' or 'just thoughts yeah,' or something along those lines. don't steal those, now, because they're copyrighted and a lot of time and thought went into them....

but in keeping with the cellular phone theme of this lovely month of august, here is a text excerpt....

i went on to tell her how great it was to hear that i'm good at something. and i really meant that. sometimes all you need is a little bit of positive reinforcement, even if it has nothing to do with the other tasks at hand. thank you, lb, for all of those words of encouragement.

'perfect. life makeover.'

also, i feel like lately there is an absolute ton of awesome new music, which i l-o-v-e. but, for the sake of remembering all the good music that was once upon a time new, here is a playlist of some classics, in my opinion. or maybe just some older songs that i like/have heard currently.

bueno, bueno, bueno.

so, there it is. i should also say that a LARGE portion of that playlist is comprised of the adventureland soundtrack, because, well, i'm in love with it.

i start school today. subsequently, and maybe while in the car on the way to jackson this weekend, i am going to have to make a million lists and plans and dreams to get/keep my life together so i can manage work, school, working out, cleaning, reading, writing, etc. there is much to discuss with myself, and i need to get motivated enough to do something about all of this.

until next time, dear readers.

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linz marie said...

you make me laugh. You are so good at stuff. I hope you enjoy your conversations with yourself on your trip to Jackson :)