Monday, August 2, 2010

'good thing we're medical.'

today i am using my new age cellular device in order to give you a little peek into the craziness that constitutes my life. 

first of all.......

when you are heading out of town, i would say that it is quite necessary to be equipped with all of the necessary items. some examples of necessary items include: playlists, cute outfits, perfect sunglasses for the 'road trip pics' segment of the outing.. and just to reaffirm the first important item on my list, i just asked my sister,

'what do you think the most important thing is to have on a roadtrip?'

without much hesitation she responded,

'a good playlist, duh.'
clearly that is topping our traditional 'stay up late the night before the road trip to do everything we've procrastinated up until now,' list of things we have do to ||see below||
now that we've got that out of the way, we can move on to an important word of warning. after you have gotten your cartilage pierced, do not, i repeat 


leave your earring out for anything resembling 12 hours. my mom and i just 'performed surgery' on my sister's ear, which consisted of my mom pushing a 'longer earring' in the piercing hole, while i picked the skin off the back so the 'long earring' could go through. just in case you're wondering, a 'long earring' will more than likely never be a suitable cartilage earring. ||see below||

sweet cuff. reminiscent of the 90s. 

needless to say, the 90s cuff 'longer earring' was promptly removed to be replaced with a more practical, present-day stud. 

and last, but not least -- a peek into the crazy day that was had by all today:

this is literally how crazy i felt all day today.

ok, well, that is all you get today. i know i know, i still need to upload my weekend update. that will come soon. 

love and memphis for tomorrow :)


Meagan Shack said...

I like the "longer earring" but that's me and I'm weird.

linz marie said...

what were you saying again while you were pointing that toe? I know we were pretty much fed up with all people by that "point" but i can't recall the