Tuesday, August 31, 2010

etsy enlightenment

isn't etsy cool? ever since my friends began discovering it a couple years ago, i've always admired the idea of it: handmade crafts, vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces - who wouldn't love something like that?

however - as much browsing as i did, i never really felt an urge to buy anything - i saw many things i liked, yes... but i never came across something that i had to have.

that is, until now.

yesterday, i was checking out dinosaur toes, a cute shop on etsy that i stumbled upon while doing some afternoon blog perusing. and that's when i found, ladies and gentlemen.... this. and now i can't stop looking at it.

it should do to say: i want this. it's charming, whimsical, cute, different.

and it reminds me of these.

||via them||

does anyone remember, as a  young child, reading in a magazine about how to make toothbrush bracelets? or maybe it was an american girl self-help book? i can't remember where i read about them, but i always wanted to make one (but never did). maybe through the help of wikihow, however, i will fulfill that childhood dream and make a weekend of toothbrush-bracelet-making. directions below (they broke it down into ten easy steps!)

  • Find any old or new cheap, clear plastic toothbrushes. The ones with patterns for little kids work great. It's better if they are all plastic, and there is no rubber gripping. It should also be about the same width from the top to bottom. Thicker toothbrushes don't bend as easily.

  • You will need boiling hot water to heat the toothbrush to a soft stage. Boil water in the microwave or put a half a pot of water on the stove and turn it on. Make sure that when you boil the water you leave the toothbrush in there for 8-12 minutes. you may need to leave it in for a longer period of time depending on how hot the water is and the thickness of the toothbrush.

  • If you boil your water in the microwave, be aware that it may not bubble like it would on a stove. If that is the case stay clear of the water and let it cool down, as it is VERY hot and may explode if bothered. Put a chopstick or other wooden item in the cup to 'break' the water up. This way it will not 'explode'.

  • While you're waiting for the water to boil, cut the bristles as short as you can, or pulling the bristles out with needle-nosed pliers works very well too.

  • When the water is bubbling rapidly remove it from the microwave or off the stove burner. Drop in the toothbrush. Wait until the plastic starts to soften. This will take more or less time depending on how wide your toothbrush gets at the end, but 5 minutes is a good "base" time to work from.

  • Take the toothbrush out of the water with tongs, and set it on a dish towel. Let it cool from boiling hot to warm, but don't let it cool off completely.

  • To prevent being burnt pick up the toothbrush using the dish towel. Bend it into the shape of a bracelet. An easy way to do this is to press it around the outside of a glass or jar with the same diameter as you want your bracelet to be.

  • Fill a bowl with ice water. Slip off the toothbrush and submerge it. After about 5 seconds, the plastic will be hard again, and you can try it on. If it doesn't fit, or it doesn't look right, put it back into the hot water for a minute, repeat the shaping steps until it turns out the way you want it.

  • The bristle holes will widen in the heat, so now you can use tweezers to pluck out the bristles.

  • Enjoy wearing your new toothbrush bracelet!
that doesn't sound too difficult - i may have to try this out. and then maybe i will wear my toothbrush bracelets until my lovely spoon bracelet is delivered.

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daci jaye said...

I definitely made myself a Queen Amidala toothbrush bracelet when I was in high school! Now I kind of miss it. Cute Etsy bracelet... I've found so many great things on Etsy!