Sunday, August 1, 2010

august project begins...

you now get a little view into my world via cell phone, every single day of the month of august. the best month. my birthday month.

let's just say that i'm not just using this project for your entertainment - i am, of course, using this as a means to pull myself out of the rut i've found myself in once again. no need for alarm - this is a regular occurrence in my life. but this month, i'm prepared to fight it head-on. and find and remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life. because there are many. with all that being said, here we go.

tomorrow will feature a weekend update, plus some lists that are important, especially considering in the next couple of days, kara and i will be headed to memphis to see rooney and hanson. yes, hanson. a preteen dream of my is sure to come true. after marveling for years at the 62 posters on my wall, i will finally be marveling for a couple hours at the actual faces of isaac, taylor, and zac. i couldn't be more excited. not to mention, rooney is fantastic live. and who wouldn't want to be in the same room at robert schwartzman? i know, good question.

now, i must leave you at that, for it is church time and i have yet to get ready. until tomorrow, dear readers. i can tell this journey will be a good one.

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linz marie said...

love it! Excited about this project- especially because I am expecting my iphone soooooon.