Tuesday, July 27, 2010

did you miss me?

because, blogspot, i have definitely missed you. i've returned bearing gifts in the form of an 'august project,' which i am hoping will be both fun for me to do, and fun for you to follow. when toying with potential ideas, i thought it would be interesting to record my life through the use of apps on my iphone. games, messages, lists, photographs, searches, weather updates, 'texts from last night,' etc. - i feel like all of these things constitute a percentage of my daily life, so i thought -- why not share it? therefore, i present to you
'celleye: how the world looks through my phone's perspective.'

||jazzfest 2010||

since graduation back in good ole 2008, i've lost a bit of my touch for writing. that's another reason i'm kick-starting this project: to further hone my writing skills and creative efforts.

thus, for the entire month of august, which is my lovely birthday month, i am going to give you daily pictures of my surroundings, sprinkled in with other interesting/funny/random things i am able to access through my phone. i hope this will be a fun way for me to record and catalogue my thoughts, as well as a more creative way to keep others updated on my goings-on. i hope you all enjoy.
so, until then, dear readers.

ps - the site is still under construction, but, as i like to think, it is starting to look more presentable and representative of, well, myself.

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linz marie said...

Yay! I am so excited about this project. And I don't know how you managed to get this thing back in working order after all that we messed up the other day- but the space looks great. Welcome back (well, almost:)