Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the art of organization

as august inches nearer, i can't seem to quiet my urges to blog, so here i am again.

one of my dear co-workers, diane, has been so kind as to offer her advice to help me get into the routine of cooking 2-3 recipes per week. now, i am not a cook, by any means. i try and try to defend myself (especially to justin) about being able to --
'i just choose not to do it.'
but, alas, this is absolutely no excuse, and obviously the argument isn't going to hold up much longer if i don't start putting forth some effort to prove myself.

diane has helped by offering her opinons on what to buy at the grocery store, how long to keep leftovers around, the necessary cooking utensils, etc., and i have decided to embark on this mission. diane has made copies for myself and lindsey out of her cookbooks and one of her cute notebooks that she cuts and pastes recipes into, and i couldn't be more excited, because this gives me an excuse to buy and create a 'cute notebook' of my own.

this is not the first time one of her cute notebooks has made an appearance. once before she has brought one up to the office, this one bearing clippings of home interiors and such. i don't know what it is about these simple ringed books that i love so much - perhaps the simplicty of the square clippings attached to the lined pages -- perhaps the 'collage' influence that i love so much -- perhaps it's simply the arts & crafts dork in me that craves scribbling things down and cutting and pasting and marking and highlighting and annotating.

whatever the reason may be, i have to say that i'm delighted at the thought of starting up my own collection of 'cute notebooks.' i hope diane won't mind my stealing her ideas -- i may even make one for exercise and diet. in fact, i can think of lots of different 'genres' to make.

here are some cute notebooks -- possible candidates, i'm thinking:

found on ||notebook stories - made by albertine press||

||found on flickr - notebooks available at target||

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Anna Claire said...

You have a cute handmade notebook too miss priss!