Monday, June 7, 2010

you and me are floating on a tidal wave

as i said in previous posts, this weekend was so very great - lots of relaxation and doing exactly what i want to do.

after work, i went to mosley's with lindsey - it was our first time attending the toning/weights class, and to tell you the truth, i'm not sure i really enjoyed it while it was going on. i felt great after we left, though, so i'd say it was worth it. not to mention, my butt, legs, and abs were sore for the ENTIRE weekend. i'm still a little sore today. that's fantastic. i'm going to take some of the things i learned from that class and incorporate them into my own workouts. after mosley's, i went over to justin's and took a muchly-needed shower. then, we watched some sports and talked and tried to decide what we were going to have for dinner and plans for the night. ward ended up coming over and having a few drinks before we all moved the party to 609 for some wii action. we had mariokart competitions, and we ended up ordering two large pizzas with pepperoni and pineapple from johnny's (i lost in mariokart, so i had to go pick it up). y'all, we ate TWO ENTIRE LARGE PIZZAS between the three of us. that is just disgusting -- but it was soooo yummy, so i don't really regret it. the guys then played a little more mariokart, and i fell asleep on the couch. ward left not much later, and then it was bed time.

i woke up a little later than planned, but got ready quickly to go test drive some camaros with justin, mom, and dad. loved the car, but not crazy about how small it is on the inside. probably leaning a little more toward a 4runner, which has been one of my dream cars for sooo long. mom and dad brought me a cantaloupe and some green bell peppers, which i love! after test-driving and talking with dave for a while, justin and i had mcallister's for lunch, where i got the chipotle chicken salad, which was so yummy! right after that, we headed over to target for some muchly-needed healthy food grocery shopping. i absolutely love grocery shopping, especially with justin, so that was quite enjoyable. after that, we headed over to the ontario house to pick up some checks and my sephora delivery. i LOVE flowerbomb -- thanks, youtube laura. then it was back to 609 for some cleaning. y'all, my room is nearing completion. i need to fold some clothes, get a couple more boxes out, donate some clothes, clean my bathroom, mount my TV, get some drapes, frame my pictures, and i'm done! thank goodness. it already feels so much better in there now. anyways, we did some cleaning, then i hopped in the shower and got ready for dinner at olive garden with craig, julianne, shannon, and of course, justin. it was so yummy, but i probably could have done without the FIVE breadsticks i ate. next was 'get him to the greek' with justin and anna claire -- hilarious! the last time i remember laughing out loud in a movie theater was when i went to see role models with justin and ward. plus, i love russell brand. it was funny - i would recommend seeing it. kara didn't like it, though. so take my opinion with a grain of salt. then came bed-time.

this was sleep in day. i'm pretty sure i slept until around 11 - fantastic. after being lazy for a little while, justin and i got dressed up and went to brunch at bistro byronz -- we had mimosas and turkey burgers. a long time ago, jessica and heidi suggested the turkey burger from there, and after many failed attempts at getting one, i'm glad i finally got to experience it, because it was delicious. we also got the crumbly cookie parfait, which, needless to say, was delicioso. then he took me to my car, which was at his mom's, and laura and i had a much-needed convo as i drove to the ontario house. mom and i went shopping, and i got some work clothes and workout clothes, and some ridiculously-needed flats (especially for work). after drinks at sonic happy hour, we were on our way to church. i'm so glad i went this weekend -- i hate it when i skip church. it's such a cleansing and calming way to start off the new week, which is something i need. then, dinner at cantina laredo and after-dinner drinks at barnes and noble. mom got the laura bush biography, which i can't wait to read after her. mom and dad now have 'words with friends,' which they love and i love. then i met kara and johnathan over at 609 for some quality dawson's creek viewing. some highlights were: dawson's creeking bones, up dawson's creek without a paddle, painter jorts, and kherrrrrr. the neighbors above us decided to start vacuuming at like 12:30 a.m. interesting. kara and i slept in the living room in front of the tv, one of my favorite things to do.

so, there you have it.

i'd write more, but, first of all, i have to pee, and, second of all, i have to do some work.

i'll leave you with this video. this girl is my role model. she's so put-together and mature and wonderful. and here, she is delivering such a great message. the video is a bit redundant in places and isn't the most interesting thing to watch, but i think it's something everyone could do with hearing. watch and enjoy :) i lovesssss megannnnnnnn.

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