Monday, June 28, 2010

southern belle

this week's main goal is to find a new car.

as some of you may know, i turned in my car for the last three years, roxanne jane (roxie) big red sowell, a red toyota camry, on saturday, june 26. since then, i have been without a car, and i have depended on the fabulous punkin munkin to get me from point a to point b. he has been absolutely wonderful about this, and i'm very grateful that he has been able to be here for me. my sister and parents have also offered up their car services, as i used kara's car today for an eye appointment that, unfortunately due to a mix-up, did not occur.

i have been looking at a wide spectrum of possible new cars. i'm hoping to make a wise, inspired decision. of course, pics will be posted nearly as soon as i have the new keys in hand.

career update: i applied to bpcc on friday of last week, and i should be able to register on thursday of this week. as of now, the plan is to get the prerequisites for either nursing or PA school and decide once i've racked them all up. more to come in later months; i'm leaving it at that for now so i can actually concentrate on school and work and working out.

in other news, i forgot to include a girl i so dearly look up to on my saturday post, a few of my fave things part two, so i am going to add her now.

whitney port. she is so cute!

happy monday :)

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