Tuesday, June 1, 2010

not my most charming entry

today, i would love it if i could get married and be a housewife. it drains me so much just to wake up every week day and get ready for work, and show up at work.

today for lunch i may go sit on the top floor of the bri and read 'the help.' that's kind of what i want to do.

lindsey isn't here, and it's lonely in my office. but i think i'm going to clean it today, so i can 'feng shui' it up in here. or whatever. i also need to catch up on megans, but lindsey needs to be here for that.

yesterday, kara and i got our cartilage pierced. it didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would. and i even slept on that side of my head last night. i'm grateful it's not hurting. and i love it.

why am i only this tired on work days? is it a mental block, and i'm doing this to myself? i wish i didn't resent things i have to do.

i'm sure this is just 'faux monday' talking. sometimes having monday off just makes the rest of the week crazy.

picture medicine:

jenny, remember our paint war sophomore year?

ps - GOAL: blog every day for the month of june.

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Jenny Moreau said...

I still have the shirt that we "ruined" from that day! And it still makes me happy. Where are those pictures?