Thursday, June 3, 2010

new obsession, plus weekend update

so there it is. the new obsession. yep, that's right - trashy mcdonald's coffee.
yesterday, i was leaving work, and a HUGE craving struck me. i wanted something sweet. really bad. i was thinking sonic, where i'd get some nasty, fattening ice-creamy something. luckily (a word i nearly never use when concerning mcdonald's) the golden arches are located right down the street from the hospital, and as i was passing, i saw the mccafe advertisements. i pretty much slammed on my brakes, pulled a u-ee, and there i was, in the drive thru. y'all, it's yummy. i left the house early, with no makeup on might i add, so i could stop and get one for the morning. fantastic.

i love ink & paper planners and ink & paper diaries. i think i always will. i think i'll always have numerous outlets.

which brings me to my next point of contention -- i pledged to write on here every day in the month of june, and do that i will -- but come july, i will be launching a new and improved blog, that i plan to really invest some creative energy into. reading some of the oh-so creative blogs that my friends anna claire and jenny have turned me on to -- like this one, this one, and this one -- has inspired me to invest in a typepad. i just like the design and look of it SO much better than blogspot. the truth is, i've never really been a blogspot fan. i even like xanga better than blogspot. so, come july, typepad will be my new home. i'm giving myself an entire month to get all the logistics worked out, i.e., creating the banner, choosing a proper name, etc. it's a project i'm really looking forward to, and hopefully it will shape up to be something worth reading and viewing. so that is certainly something to look forward to.

weekend update
this weekend was quite a nice one, what with it being three days long and all.
on friday night, right after getting out of work late (torontoooo), justin and i met up with mel, julianne, and shannon and saw 'sex and the city 2.' consistent with the review we had read before, the movie left a little to be desired. but, as i said, and as i still believe, i will buy it when it comes out on DVD, simply for the 'feeling' of it. that's pretty much all i have to say on the matter. after the movie, we traipsed over to good 'ole JOE'S CRAB SHACK. for those of you who don't know, this was my place of employment the summer after my first year of college. i was a hostess, and i danced the silly dances too. anyways, so that was a blast from the past and conjured a few fleeting nostalgic waves (why is nostalgia always referred to in 'waves?' just wondering - because i do it all the time). after that, we called it a night and went to sleep.
saturday i went on a morning starbucks run (something i adore),  then we headed over to get my swimsuit from 609. then, we headed over to julianne and shannon's to do some swimming and house-sitting. we swam, got some sun, ate, etc. we watched the godfather part one (i had never seen the godfather movies -- i know, shocking). that's pretty much the extent of our lazy saturday.
sunday was quite the same. i woke up around ten o'clock (my absolute favorite time to wake up) and sat out on the deck and read 'the help,' (see pic below) which i am starting to absolutely love. it was hot out, though, so that didn't last long, and i moved the reading inside. cue more swimming, tanning, and watching the godfather part two.  we bought a yummy chocolate fudge cake, too, which is already gone, by the way. that night, my family came to visit me and bring me the finished bookshelf that my dad and i built. he did the majority of the work, but i'm glad we had a project that we worked on together. see pics below. after the fam left, anna claire and i watched some more lost. i'm really starting to like it.
monday morning was the weenie dog races -- i loved it! it was SO HOT though, especially for ten o'clock in the morning. we wore our best kentucky derby wear (well, at least lindsey did -- diane and i had target/walmart hats, haha). so we placed bets and ate hot dogs and drank icees -- it was a morning well-spent. then AC and i arrived back at 609, where kara and i made videos and lounged around, before we went and got our cartilege pierced (see more photos below). it didn't/doesn't hurt as bad as i thought it would, which i am quite thankful for. i'm taking care of it like i'm supposed to, and i think that is contributing a lot to its success. kara and i have both decided it makes us feel pretty badass. and we like it. after that came olive garden with AC - that sweet girl bought us yummy dinner with a gift card she had saved up. it was great - gotta love the soup, salad, and breadsticks. then, we went home and watched approximately SEVEN HOURS of lost. ok, so maybe that's a new obsession too. everyone knows i can't resist a good TV series on DVD. dawson's creek has been happening too.. almost done with the second season! i'm in love.

i can't wait for more of this.

lindsey's outrageous hat -- LOVE it.

the cute weenie dogs -- wish i could have gotten a better, closer-up pic.

i feel like a southern belle derby-goer, and i don't hate it.

diane was the 'lady luck' of the group.

my neurosurgery girls.

all of us.

kara showing some USA pride on memorial day.

slightly nervous.

happy and badass-approved.

bout to get pierced.

loving it. and my favorite fleur de lis earrings, a gift from my mom a couple years ago.

bookshelf: before and after. i am crazy about it.

well, that's a wrap. this post is exceedingly larger than expected. i even have some more post ideas brewing, but i'll save those to fill the coming days of the month of june! gotta make it count :)

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