Monday, June 14, 2010

making up for lost time

ok, so i've missed the last three days' worth of writing, so here is where i make up for it. i'm making separate 'sub-entries' for each day missed. sorry - it shall not happen again.

friday, june 11, 2010

after work on this day, i went to mosley's with lindsey for the body sculpt class. for the sake of internet politics, i will only say that we were quite vocal following the lesson, due to some annoyances. it was actually quite humorous. and, as usual, the class was fantastic, and i'm still sore today, on monday.

after mosley's, i headed to 609, where i relaxed a bit and cleaned my bathroom, then hopped in the shower. justin and i went to chili's, where ward, sarah, and kara were going to meet us. kara ended up coming by, but no one else, as they were previously tied up. i had the pulled pork sandwich, and we got dessert - chocolate chip paradise pie - my all-time favorite. (on a side note, this is also one of the more disastrous desserts, calorie wise).

after chili's, it was bed time. no going out for this girl. i think i've lost my touch.

saturday, june 12, 2010

woke up relatively early, went over to justin's to let tahoe out. then we got HUMPHREYS for BRUNCH. love. after devouring those, justin and i rearranged my room. y'all, i swear, feng shui is REAL. i can sleep in my room with no problem now, whereas when the bed was in a different position, i slept restlessly, and eventually decided to just sleep on the couch when i was alone. i'm so relieved; my room is SO much larger and cosier (though those sometimes seem like opposites) -- i'm in love with it. then, justin went and studied for his internal med rotation test up at the school, and anna claire and i watched mary kate and ashley movies. later on, a-c met up with some friends and went to the goo goo dolls show at the riverdome. mom and dad came over, and mom read her laura bush biography while dad and i biked 10.7 miles from my apartment complex to downtown and back. my tail bone is bruised, but it was such a great workout. afterwards, my dad and i played some wii -- mario kart to be exact. (side note: i can't wait til my mom finishes reading the laura bush biography, because i can't WAIT to read it - it sounds fascinating and fresh. she loves it already.) most of saturday, however (as with most of the weekend) was dedicated to season three of dawson's creek. i'm obsessed. i'm in love. i'm getting season four from justin's tonight. saturday came to a close with kara coming to spend the night and justin coming to visit while he did some more studying before eventually going back to his house.

** i also need to add that on this day, i did all my laundry from the week before. i'm so proud of myself. you have no idea. oh yeah, i also started painting kara and her friends' graduation gifts. and separated clothes and shoes to give to providence house. and separated out my college shirts and put them away so i can send them off to be turned into an awesome quilt.

sunday, june 13, 2010

on sunday, i cleaned my room some more and grabbed starbucks with anna claire. i actually think this is the day we had the mk&a marathon, so the events of saturday are escaping me a bit - i think i just watched dawon all day; in fact, i know that is what i did. the rest of the day was comprised of dawson's creek. i attended 6 o'clock mass with my parents, followed by dinner at imperial cathay, which is obviously love. i then went home and watched more dawson's creek, and justin came over. i helped him review some internal med stuff he was asked to study up on, then we watched more dawson's creek and laughed. it was great to actually spend some quality time with him and stay up late. (on a side note, the air conditioner broke at some point over the weekend, and it was especially hot on this night. we deduced that the actual air conditioner was running fine, but is in need of freon.)

ok, so all of that brings me to today, monday, june 14, 2010.

today is the first day of my week-long facebook and twitter sabbatical. there really is no certain reason for this, except for the fact that kara is doing it, and i jumped on the bandwagon. speaking of kara, she is in jackson for the week to do service projects and meet her future classmates (and hopefully find a new roomie, as hers will not be able to attend millsaps next year, due to family reasons). i'm sad that roommate won't be attending, as she seemed to be such a sweet, cute, fun girl. i understand why she's not attending though.

anyways, i am already missing those social networking sites.. twitter especially. there is something i just intrinsically LOVE about twitter. i'm still not sure what exactly it is. but no need to worry, this temporary leave just gives me more time to blog, play words with friends, and read GMH, TFLN, and FML. fantastique.

in workout-related news, my dad and i have (along with jessica) decided to embark on training for the firecracker 5k, which is in july, and the autumn breeze 10k, which is in october. i'm psyched. i am always in my best physical shape when running; i've decided it works out your body better and in a more all-encompassing way, than any other form of exercise.

this week's workout schedule:
today: p90x with dad and coworkers, then running with dad
tomorrow: running with dad and jessica, followed by possible swimming
wednesday: running with dad
thursday: mosley's with lindsey
friday: mosley's with lindsey, then running with dad
saturday: running with dad
sunday: tbd, but possibly some light cardio and abs/squats/leg lifts/toe raises

love it. i'm ready to REALLY be back on track. no more excuses. i've got goals to reach.

tonight after workout:
mail gevalia order
brookshires - notepad
wal-mart - tp, almond milk, CDs, sticky jewels
watch a movie with justin & pick up dawon's creek season 4

i need to watch more lost.

tomorrow, dave is supposed to be calling me about 4runners.

today, i called the leasing office, and they were supposed to have fixed our air conditioner.

i will write every day for the rest of this month, my dears. hope all is well.

this week's goals: finish 'the help,' start new book, lose three pounds.

oh, and i've decided the path i'm going to embark on coming up soon -- i'm not going to post on it until it is actual happening, however, as i am beginning to believe my endless sharing on the subject is somehow jinxing me. more news to come on this subject.

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