Tuesday, June 15, 2010

love somebody like you

today i'm sad no one else has been blogging. come on guys, i need some reading material, and of course i love hearing what you all have to say!

yesterday i ran with my dad, and today i feel great! however, my weight is STILL going up. i think it's from weight training. i'm getting more and more on track every day, and pretty soon the muscle will start burning more calories while i'm resting, which means the weight will start peeling off rapidly. can't wait for that - just gotta keep everything consistent.

tonight i'm running with jessica.

i now have a 'carrie underwood food diary,' which i'm pretty thrilled about. you know, she lost 20 pounds after winning american idol, simply by writing down everything she eats. i got this really cute notepad from brookshires, and i'm ready to really get serious about all of this. during the week, i'll simply write everything down that i consume, and write down my daily weight. at the end of the week, i'll look up and calculate all the calories, averages, weights, etc. and make sense of why i'm weighing what i do. i think this will really help, and i'm hoping it's a turning point for all this fitness stuff.

justin and i started watching bicentennial man last night, which is such a cute movie. however, we fell asleep after approximately 15 minutes, which means i slept on a tiny couch until around 5:30 a.m., when i finally traipsed off into the bed. tonight i plan on sleeping in my bed, and watching dawson's creek before. hopefully i can finish the third season tonight. i forgot to get the fourth last night.

i'm thinking about taking thursday off to get my car in order, to get registered at BPCC, and just generally to have the day off.

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