Wednesday, June 30, 2010

just poppin in...

a couple snapshots from our lunch yesterday at deli tini, a new local place which, by the way, i highly recommend.

green tea - yay!

today is payday. i am happy.
finally got dad's order.
encouragement for career decisions from the boss.
the car i was looking at got bought.
summer paisleys at painting with a twist on friday with mom for her birthday.
eclipse on friday with kara, laura, anna, and maybe lindsey.
rooney on saturday.
and monday off work.
i need to do a huge pictures/what i've been doing/weekend update post.
blogspot is growing on me.
you may have me all summer.
july project brewing.
you will know about the project tomorrow, especially if i choose to do it.

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linz marie said...

can you believe that was a month ago!? Have we done anything on our bucket list yet? We need to get on it!