Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's raining

it's raining, and i'm cooped up in my office, with no windows. i almost stayed home today. almost. i should have just done it.

i haven't turned the lights on in my office yet. i'm just sitting here, in the semi-darkness, and wishing i was still in bed. my face is puffy from crying while watching a movie last night. my nose is stuffy too. i want to go home. i think i'll watch some harry potter on netflix today. i'm ready for some hot chocolate. why do my emotions have to be so extreme? why can't i just be happy and adjusted? i feel like every time i turn around, i'm psyched and happy, then depressed and crying at the drop of a hat. not to mention, i also feel like the most awkward person ever right now. UGH. my life could use an intense, positive and happy, makeover.

i'll get on that as soon as possible. right now, i'm going to just... watch harry potter.

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