Sunday, June 27, 2010

a few of my favorite things, part deux

dear readers, 

unfortunately, i overlooked the very daunting responsibility of creating a post for yesterday, saturday, june 26th. due to this oversight, i have planned another special entry for you all to enjoy. as you may have noticed, the last entry was a compilation of very nice looking men (well, as far as i'm concerned), and well, now you are going to get the same post, differing only in gender of the subjects (and maybe some other stuff). anyways, without further adieu.....

a few of my favorite things, part deux: female edition.

alexis bledel.

demi lovato.

katie holmes.

kristen bell.

rachel bilson.

rachel mcadams.

reese witherspoon.

emma watson.

brittany murphy.

zooey deschanel.

jennifer garner.

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