Wednesday, June 2, 2010

extremely weird dream -- plus some petty anxieties.

today, i want to be a delivery nurse. like, i'm so ready, i want to start taking courses so i'll have the prereqs for nursing school. and i want to start tomorrow.

(but if i'm going to do that, why not just go ahead and go to PA school?)

today, i also want to pursue a master's degree at lsu in baton rouge, so i can graduate from lsu.

what am i supposed to do? someone, give me some insight. even if it's just on a whim, tell me how you feel about me today. even if you are a stranger, and want to leave an anonymous comment - just do it. i need all the help i can get.

i'm hungry. and want to leave for lunch.

i really do need to do some 'work after lunch.'

i have to write bills checks today.

and work out - i think lindsey and i are going to mosley's tonight after work.

and clean my room.

and arrange my bookshelf.

and finish my laundry.

i need to take a week day off here soon and get everything done.

i'm going to order tom's wedges soon, but i don't know if i want black, green, or yellow yet. suggestions?

last night i had a dream that i was pregnant, went to cape cod, ate a bunch of crunched up shards of ibuprofen that a doctor gave me, and some oreo cookie-type things. i had a handful of the shards, and a handful of the cookie things, and i was drinking something to help wash all of this down, and i was stressed about having to eat it all, and how fast i was eating it (not fast enough, apparently). i also wrote my mom a letter, got apologized to for not receiving a response to the letter, and freaked out about having a baby. my mom told me, 'you're going to experience some anxiety.' i was super stressed because i had NEVER felt the baby kick. and because i hadn't found out i was pregnant until late, and had been drinking. when i heard the alarm go off, i was confused about where i was (justin's), but relieved to realize it was a dream. but, it felt like i had seriously travelled back to my sleeping body when i woke up. i actually felt pregnant, and i actually felt like i was in massachusetts.

i just asked lindsey, out loud, 'why am i so tormented?'

we don't know why.

i think i'm about to venture down to the cafeteria to pick up something to eat. or something. i don't know. but at 1:30, i have to start getting some work done.

last night i worked out at julianne's, and had such a great workout. 30 on the elliptical and 30 on the treadmill, while i read 'the help,' which is shaping up to be fantastic. i want to finish reading it this week. i also did some weights. yay!
i love all of these dresses! i want a happy, fun dress-up event to go to -- like a wedding!


Jenny Moreau said...

I too feel similarly about graduating from LSU. Granted, that dream is more realistic for you than it is for me. I say, DO IT. As for a delivery room nurse, that is what my little sister wants to do. I think she's, I'm sure I would feel similarly if you opted to go that route.

As for the Tom's wedges, if the are closed toe I say get them in green - you can wear them into the fall. If they are open, do yellow!! {just my opinion}.

As for being knocked up...I got nothing. Except, you really are tormented. Haha

And last but not least: LOVE YOU.

Anna Claire said...

about this dream. i can't help you there. i mean i had a dream that megan jenkins became the first woman president and i was singing in a black choir with obama. don't ask me.

tormented? i don't know about tormented. that may be an overstatement. i would say, confused. and we are ALL confused. i'm a trainwreck when it comes to my own life. like i've told you before, you'll know your decision when it presents itself. and you will know that it's the right decision because whatever one you make is meant to be.

toms wedges: yellow.