Wednesday, June 16, 2010

cosy in the rocket always makes me wanna watch grey's anatomy

i am taking friday off work. perhaps you'd like to view my to-do list for said day? ok, you may:

wake up at 10 a.m. (my absolute favorite time to wake up)
get dressed and ready
grab some starbucks
go apply at bpcc
get my car stuff in order
buy a tv mounting kit
frame/hang some pics for my wall
father's day shopping
long workout
dawson's creek - finish the third season
finish 'the help'
visit my dad at his office/have lunch with him
enjoy being off work

in a little bit, i need to fill out the leave forms for friday and for jury duty.

i am craving diet soda, sushi, and a humphrey. justin told me he may bring me the latter today. i hope he does.

my goal was to lose three pounds this week, and i've lost two so far. yay!

yesterday, lindsey brought me to lunch with her mom, her mom's friend, and her sister, lauren. it was fantastique! we went to wine country, where i got the grown up grilled cheese, tomatoe basil soup, and spicy fries! delicious. i'm getting so hungry just thinking about it.

i'm happy :)

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