Thursday, June 24, 2010

blood dries darker - woods

chanel delivery soon. lindsey and i have invested in this fantastic color for our office nail painting station (which is pretty much the only place i ever paint my nails anymore). the inspiration for this particuliere (haha) color came from one of my other youtube favorites, laura. she's fantastic, and, due i'm sure to her lovely accent, i just like listening to her talk. she always has good advice and interesting opinions. i love youtube gurus.

how much fun is photobooth? a whole lot, as evidenced by my most recent facebook album, aptly titled 'photobooth.' check it out if you have not yet. i really want to play around with photobooth one day and make some really cool stuff. i just haven't gotten around to it yet. maybe that's a project to be added to the already-enormous list of things to do this weekend.

who doesn't love to ham it up a little bit for the camera? all of your modelling dreams (well, at least the taking pictures part) can come true!

i've been craving titanic lately. it always takes so much out of me when i watch it - i cry for hours after the film is actually over. but i absoltuely love it. along with this titanic craving has come a re-obsession with leonardo dicaprio for some reason. i miss him and his cute self.

today, lindsey and i stole stickers from the cafeteria (much, i'm sure, to the cafeteria staff's chagrin, due to the treatment we received from the salad man afterwards). they are usually stuck to the yummy sandwiches' wrappers, and they say, 'wellness and you.' we are wearing them to remind ourselves to be healthy and work out and eat right, etc. i may never take mine off. it's quite the fashion statement. obviously.

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