Monday, May 10, 2010

monday blues of titanic proportions

today did not start off well.

first of all, i was forced to ride the dreaded 'shuttle van' this morning. if you don't know what the 'shuttle van' is, you're lucky. the normal shuttle is a type of charter bus thing that, when riding alone, doesn't feel like you're up close and personal with the driver. there has never really been a time when i saw the regular shuttle rounding the corner and got nervous because i was the only one at the stop. now, let's move on to the shuttle van. the shuttle van is one of those vans that seats a ridiculous amount of people in the tiniest space imaginable, row-style. if the solo passenger on this particular vehicle, you are forced to either sit in the passenger seat, next to the veritable stranger that is the driver, or sit awkwardly in the back, taxi style. the shuttle van has been a large cause of concern and anxiety for me, and has, more the once, seen me marching back into the parking lot, pretending to have forgotten something in my car, just so i won't have to ride on it. riding it solo has yielded the concerns stated above, and riding it with fellow passengers has led to some awkward 'sandwiching' situations i won't get into.

today, i managed to ride the shuttle van solo, using the taxi driver approach, for approximately 50 feet, before someone else graced us with their presence. this other passenger ever so graciously took the 'bff passenger seat,' leaving me to what i thought would be a peaceful backseat ride. however, the driver, wishing i suppose to alleviate the awkwardness of the tiny quarters, launched into a full-on conversation about drinks, who should buy drinks when out with someone, how much drinks cost, service at restaurants, etc. a conversation during which myself and the bff passenger seat rider were forced to make awkward grunting noises to make it appear that we were somewhat engaged in the conversation, though the driver no doubt would never have let us fit in a word lengthwise. did i mention this conversation appeared to have stemmed from the song playing on the radio when i first boarded the van, 'buy you a drank,' which i would much rather have been subjected to listening to on the trek? yes, that's what started the whole thing.

i got off the shuttle van rather disgruntled, having wished of course to pass the shuttle ride time by facebooking or tweeting or tumblr-ing, in true 'i'm mentally still in college' form. so there was that.

then, i walked into the front office, where i learned one of our troops would not be gracing us with her presence today. long story short (since i elaborated on the shuttle van story), i have answered the phones a seemingly inordinate amount of times today, have been on the other end of some pretty intense requests, and have not managed to do most of the things i had delegated to today's tasks.

all of this has led me to miss greatly the days of college, or even the days of the weekend. yesterday, justin and i watched 'titanic,' which of course has me feeling particularly weepy today.

basically, i'm about to cut this entry short, because i feel i need to get some work done, and it's already 3:00 p.m., and dance cardio is at six, which means lindsey and i have to leave here at 5:30 on the dot at the latest.

good news: TV is being picked up and installed today, i've eaten well, i have a clear vision of the 'life dreams and goals' bouncing around in my head today, and i'm having a good hair day.

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