Monday, May 24, 2010

it's a charmed life - crayola skies for a thousand miles

the beginning of another week has arrived - i'm hoping this one will be relaxing and productive, as last week was exhausting and chaotic. i think if i keep the right mindset, things will fall into place. i just have such a problem with resenting everything i'm supposed to do, even though i want to get it done. that's certainly something to work on.

this weekend was fun -- on friday, i went for a run on the parkway to kick off the weekend the right way. i covered four miles, and ran about a mile and a half of it. then, justin and i did some of my laundry. we got barbecue for dinner, then i fell asleep on the couch while he played wii.

i woke up around ten on saturday and went to target with anna claire to get a router for the internet. we ended up spending quite a bit of time in target, and i got -- in addition to the router -- a really cute coral shirt, a 'tribal' necklace, and cable cord for my room. then, we met up with kara and justin for lunch at buffalo wild wings, where kara regailed us with tales from the beach and gave me my 'megan necklace,' which i absolutely adore. then, anna claire and i headed home and got the internet set up and everything while i continued to do laundry. then, i worked in a quick workout in the gym. i watched people swim and layout and was slightly jealous. then came kara's graduation! it only last around two hours, which was nice, but there were some interesting folks there who insisted upon engaging in screaming competitions. that's all i'll say on the matter, though i could absolutely say much, much more. after graduation, we took lots of pics and had family dinner at carrabas, which was totally yum. then, i headed home and freshened up before embarking on a quick road trip to ruston to celebrate with the graduates, namely sarah kathryn and ward. i met them all over at david's downtown, then we all rode together to rabb's. skd's cousin, crystal, was in town, and we somehow managed to get her in the bar without an id. amazing. she and i talked about being journalism majors, and she wants to go into magazines. i saw lots of people i havent' seen in a while, and it was enjoyable. i talked to chris henry about law school, and apparently the LSAT is difficult. oh well, i'm trying to let the career stuff stop bouncing around in my head for a little while at least so i can get some relief. we ended up staying up really late, and i rode with garrett and ward to get canes for everyone, right before they closed. we ordered FIVE CANIACS. that is ridiculous. i smoked a disgusting cigarette. yuck. i need to never do that again. ok, thanks. after we ate and watched 'community,' sarah, laura, crystal, and i went back to sarah's. we sang 'all we are sayin, is give trey a chance,' and i gave garrett a ticket for parking in a no parking zone, aka tim, ward, and jesse's front lawn, which, as everyone knows, serves as a parking lot for the majority of tech campus. anyway, that was that.

on sunday, i woke up confused  because i had forgotten i was in ruston/at skd's. laura took me to my car, i grabbed some starbucks, then drove back to shreveport. i met kara for noon mass, and then we had lunch at ichiban. then, we went to the ontario house, where kara got her graduation luggage, which is SO CUTE and i'm slightly jealous of. dad and i started my book shelf, which is coming along quite nicely. we have to put the adjustable shelves in, buy the molding, install the molding, and paint it. i'm painting it flat black, and i can't wait for it to be done. then we have to mount my tv to the wall, and my room will be complete, except for the pictures i'm framing and hanging up. after all the work, i took kara to take her car to katie's and picked some stuff up for their senior party. then it was back home to shower before crawfish. we went to shane's with colton, stirfry, and trickett. the guys had been playing golf all day, and they were tired. the crawfish was yummy, but one of them squirted all over me when i was trying to eat the claw meat. oops. then, justin and i went home, had a glass or two of the wine marcella and brian gave us, and played wii bowling and tennis. then, like usual, i passed out of exhaustion.

that brings me to today - a monday, of course, but i had time to really get ready and i like the way i look today. the 'megan necklace' makes me so happy, and i'm glad kniddy thought to get it for me. tonight means dance cardio with lindsey, boiling some eggs, finishing up my laundry, and working on my book/reading some. i'm trying to stay on task and get motivated to get stuff done. i feel like i'm overloading myself, which leads to nothing getting done. time to get serious and get productive.

have a lovely week. i feel better after typing this all out.

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