Monday, April 19, 2010

the week i get my life back

i'm drinking coffee and shivering in the front office.

i need to remember my comfort zones: comforting activities, comforting meals, comforting thoughts, comforting workouts. i need to get it all together and live the way i want to live.

i may start writing a book on how to cope/what it's like after moving out of your parents' house.

i need to start aggressively working on my books. now that i have my macbook, i don't have an excuse not to.

i need more sleep. i need to get better at relaxing.

justin is almost done with the classroom part of PA school - in june, he'll start rotations. it's exciting, but scary. he will more than likely have to move away for a while. it makes me excited and nervous.

i'm trying to share more lately; i've found that i'm extremely closed off, and i don't tell anyone anything. i want to change that about myself. i think it would make me feel lighter and less alone.

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