Thursday, April 29, 2010

no one's gonna love you more than i do

i'm sippin on an icee. golden punch, to be exact, which is my favorite flavor. the valero across the street from lsu has this coveted delicacy, and i was greatly lucky to have stumbled upon this lovely little fact. delicious. lindsey, diane, and i have pretty much decided that every time we have to go visit dr. nanda at clinic or wk or wherever he happens to be during the day, that we will cap the little trek off with 'the coldest drink in town.' it certainly is something to look forward to, especially as these trips usually take place on a thursday or friday. i'm really thinking we could use some on mondays, to tell you the truth.

tonight, anna-claire and i are doing some major prep work for the weekend: shopping for dresses, rain boots, and supplies. i already have a list worked up. i'm ready to get it all planned out and packed. we also need to pick out A-C's outfit for her interview on Monday at 10, which i am certain she will be great at. we are going to practice interview questions in the car. it's gonna be great.

i'm so ready to be down south. i always get so much more inspired when i go down there. maybe it will serve as some major motivation to work on my books. i need to find the box my old paper diaries are stored in, because that comprises a large part of at least one of the books. i'm so ready to build my bookshelf. i need to start working on that with my dad next week.

birthday lunch at tokyo with dad was yummy. veggie roll, spicy cali roll, crazy roll, and louisiana roll. delicious.

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Jenny Moreau said...

we are going to practice interview questions in the car. I will take credit for part of this idea, at least! I love practice interview questions!! :) I'm a dork.