Thursday, April 22, 2010

i'm in love, love i hope

listening to elliott smith, about to finish editing a manuscript for one of our fellows that works somewhere else now. then i'm going to submit some chapters that are way overdue, then work on the revision of one of our residents' papers. i have to get all of this out of the way so i can enjoy the levy festivities tomorrow.

i wrote some more on one of my books last night - just a little snippet here and there, but work nonetheless. i have around 3-4 book ideas, and they now all officially have folders on my macbook. so that means work has quite officially begun. i need to transfer some of the other work i've done in other places to those folders. i'm so scatterbrained -- my little notes are everywhere -- i feel like that poet that scribbled their work on napkins and tablecloths.

i've given myself a 'career deadline,' which will fall around mid july. by then, i will have figured out what my next career move will be. i have about five options bouncing around in my head. of course i have this nagging sensation that i'm going to choose incorrectly and have major life regrets. but today i had the epiphany that, if i fail to choose something soon, i will have the regret of not choosing anything at all beyond what i've already accomplished. i can't have that -- i can't stand the thought of it. so i will pick something in july. and i'll go for it, accomplish it, then set my sights to advance within and on the outside of that field. because i'm going to make this book thing work, too.

i just want to feel like, in this life, i have accomplished something.

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Jenny Moreau said...

"i just want to feel like, in this life, i have accomplished something."

I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading your first published peice.