Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'australia' the shins

i've really been trying to make a conscious effort to write more lately. it's been working for the past couple of days, but the real challenge comes in keeping it up and being consistent. i guess it's been easy lately because i feel as if i have a lot bouncing around in my head, and i feel the need and desire to record it. furthermore, i think this idea and feeling has hatched out of my desire to express myself and share more with those i'm close to, and those around me.

i've decided i'm definitely going to jazz fest this weekend with jenny and anna-claire. i need to buy my tickets, and i've already put in my request off for monday. i'm trying to get ahold of my dad so that we can plan on me taking him out to lunch on friday before i leave for new orleans. his birthday is friday, so i'd really like to be able to do something with him on that day since i'll be leaving. i'm hoping he'll want me to take him to tokyo -- one of our favorite restaurants! and a place which definitely supports my dieting habits, which, as of late, has finally, once again, become priority for me.

i've got to figure out my dresses for this weekend. i want to be flowery, with 'bang braids.' i also want to take a lot of pictures. if it rains, there are some liberty of london galoshes at target calling my name.

i absolutely cannot wait to see the 1/3 of 2505 i've been missing for far too long AKA miss jenny. we're going to have a great time, and it's high time we've all gotten together again for something so fun and musical!
we'll be seeing band of horses, dead weather, van morrison, pearl jam, bb king, and old crow medicine show. the first two are the ones i'm most excited about, especially after anna-claire and i watched 'it might get loud,' and i saw up close and personal how awesome jack white really is. and, well, what can i really say to justify how awesome the prospect of seeing band of horses is? :)

today, i also put in my summer vacay request, which is when anna-claire, her mom, and i will be going to orlando for disney world/universal/harry-freaking-potter world in july. i'm super excited about this, and it gives me such an extra shove in the form of diet motivation. so very much to look forward to and be excited about!

next weekend, i'll be heading to jackson with the fam so the parents can tour millsaps. still so freaking excited that kara will be there next year, along with her already-awesome roommate, kendra.

tonight after work, i plan on getting in a great and muchly needed work out, mailing the swepco bill, and hopefully reading. not to mention, folding clothes and eating something yummy for dinner.

in other spectacular news, justin passed his summative, which he took today! this means he passed the written part of PA school and can proceed to his rotations in june! i'm so happy for him! he has worked so hard, and even after all the trials and tribulations that have come with his being so dedicated to school, i can truly and wholeheartedly say that i am thrilled and excited for him.