Thursday, February 4, 2010

(tired. reallly freaking tired.)

i'm excited for valentine's day plans that consist of seeing 'valentine's day,' and relaxing.

i may have to work on saturday. keep your fingers crossed that i don't.

i'm so exhausted.

but i'm going to be productive today. and tomorrow.

and hope i get rewarded by having saturday off. so i can sleep. and clean.

diet in full swing. p90x tonight.

cooking with a recipe tonight when i get home.

then, SLEEP.

on saturday, if i clean my room and finish my laundry, my reward is a new package of blank CDs, so i can make GMTTW Vol. 6 (or is it 7? can't remember at the moment..) Valentine's Day Edition.

ok, time to finish getting ready for work and pick up LH.

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