Monday, February 1, 2010


dear paper diary - thank you for being a key to my future; thank you for being a remembrance of my past.

thank you for showing me how far i've come--
how bright my present is--
how much hope i should have for the future.

knowing that i'll never be there again - that one of my lowest points was overcome -- that is a serious motivation -- never to go there again.

i have three book ideas - it's time to buy my macbook so i can get started. the creative juices are overflowing and i have so many ideas. i can't write them down fast enough.

741, we lost you. i thought you were mine. i'm a little bit bitter, in an 'i'm-ten-and-my-parents-won't-let-me-go-play-across-the-street' kind of way. it's frustrating and heartbreaking.

something else -- something better -- simply has to be out there.

keep your eyes open.

ps- happy february

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