Monday, January 18, 2010

turn around, bright eyes


i feel trapped - and held back - and lost.

i'm going to find my way out of this.

i feel alone too - but not because i don't have friends.

but because i don't know how to let them help.

in fact, i don't know if they can.

i think this is -- as they say -- 'a personal problem.'

hopefully it has a simple solution.

there are things that i want and need.

i'm sick of scraping and begging for them.

i'm sick of feeling defeated.

feeling awful.


besides my ridiculous whining, captured above, i had a great weekend in dallas. i also did some great shopping. i'll post pictures of what i got sometime this week. there will also be pictures on facebook, after they are edited.


kara - why are we such insomniacs?
lauren - i don't know.
kara - i don't hate it though.. it will come in handy in college.


i have *another* life plan. who knows when i'll actually find the right one.

i'm exhausting myself.


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