Tuesday, January 26, 2010


paper diary has been stealing me away.

that shall change soon.

i have ideas, and i want them to become accomplishments.

a lot is bouncing around in my head.

i've been thinking about cutting my hair. but only thinking about it.

getting healthier, little by little. the sweets get me, every time.

i love that there are people on my fan.

i love laughing at dust, and my feet, and lounging in laundry.

i love scribbling with sharpies on the back of receipts.

and jotting down the music i'm missing.

i love simple notes, simple thoughts, simple pleasures, simple interests.

i love not having to have a reason for liking something - for loving someone - for wanting something.

i love netflix, twitter, my camera, my unfinished chandalier painting, the chronicles of narnia, and my new paper diary. i love it all. i love vanilla caramel tea. i want to take a bath in it.

i love my sister's remodeled room and the way it smells when i walk in - like fresh paint, dust, clean sheets, and a cupcake candle.

i love that my alarm has been going off at 5:45 for the past week, and i'm getting closer and closer to the morning gym i'm desperate for.

i love working out after work with my dad and a friend. i love working harder than i would alone. i love seeing results. i love feeling better and having a reason to eat.

i love hot drinks.

i love everything i have written in my 'february list.'

i love that i made it to church this past weekend.

i love the sunday secrets.

i love how i'm changing - how i'm reverting back in some ways - how i'm staying the same in some ways - how i'm moving forward in other ways.


i love all of this.

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Anna Claire said...

i smiled at all of this. i don't think i've laughed as hard as i did saturday night in a LONG time. i love you.