Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i hate the number thirteen..

but i love her boots.

i need tonight to be catch-up time. i've been spending so much time with JC (and i absolutely love that) but i feel like my life is spinning completely out of control. my room is a mess, my body is a mess, my reading has completely stopped, and i haven't been spending any time with my family. i also feel a little bit sick because i've been getting home so late, sleeping restlessly, and waking up earlier. granted i'm so grateful i've been able to wake up earlier. but i need to get some beauty rest - i need it.

- tonight after work -
p90x with dad
target for a few things
watch 'dead poets society' and 'across the universe' with kara

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Jenny Moreau said...

The only thing unfortunate about having a man is all the alone time you miss out on. I wish there was a way to avoid that...cuz its nice to have them! :)