Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we could run away - maybe we could change

last night kara & i sat down in front of the ol music laptop & put together a christmas mix so wonderful you wouldn't even believe it. after burning a copy & hand-writing a track list in red & green sharpie ink, we traveled out to give miss dean a copy. she was so excited she commenced a driveway dance-around session, even though it was lightly (but steadily) misting rain & she had socks on. after the delivery, we drove around so as to completely break in GMTTW Vol. 3: Happy Chrismakuh Edition, and let me tell you, it is truly wonderful and christmas-y in both an obvious & subtle way. through listening to one of these songs, we discovered that i love sharp notes and she loves chord changes. we drove all over shreveport, got home at eleven, and then i made my christmas list, which i'll post later on, because i know it's something you all need to read about. i also worked on friend christmas pressies, which makes me feel happy and in the christmas spirit today. unfortunately, i left GMTTWV3:HCE in my car this morning, as it was freakishly cold and rainy, and i just wanted to get to the shuttle and be done with it (the shuttle was driving away right as i walked up). but no worries, because i'll just listen to christmas pandora again today, because that was just what i needed yesterday: a healthy dose of holiday cheer. tonight i have a new workout plan in store, which has me PUMPED. i've also got to figure out what i'm wearing to the panda christmas party (and maybe also diane's wedding -- which reminds me, i have to book the hotel TODAY.. because i keep putting it off). and i have to start my laundry tonight. and watch a film lindsey loaned me, because it's part of me making sure i'm well-rounded and interesting. because i need to get back to my roots and figure out what i'm doing and who i am. it's actually proving to be quite fun. oh, and tomorrow i have to call the mortgage office. and pack for ruston. 

[x] work
[ ] gym
[ ] laundry
[ ] shower
[ ] read
[ ] photo edits
[ ] film
[ ] panda party dress
[ ] christmas decorating
[ ] book hotel for diane's wedding

waking up to missed calls & texts messages
reminds me i'm not as lonely as i imagine. 

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