Monday, November 9, 2009

too en won dai

i'd like to make myself believe
that planet earth turns slowly

i've never been so happy
i've never been so sure

i told you to be patient
i told you to be fine
i told you to be balanced
i told you to be kind
in the morning i'll be with you

all i can see is black and white
and white and pink with blades of blue

suck that
lucky feeling
right out of me

caroline you're angry
cuz you sleep like a spinster
and you're twenty-eight

bend your head double
in the goosedown
piling all the pillows high
heave your fiercest sigh
and see if that'll work

tonight i'm leaving all my worries
and my problems in the house

go back to sleep now
my darlin
and i'll keep all the bad dreams away
breathe now, think sweet things
and i'll think of all the right words to say

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