Monday, November 9, 2009

this gives me the sads.

i don't think it's possible to feel more 'monday' than i do right now.

i'm hoping as the day progresses, my mood will follow suit. looking forward to my workout/starbucks date with jessica later.

i need to feel free. the only way for this to happen is for me to get my shiiiii together. i am a mess right now. my room's a mess, my attitude's a mess, my goals are a mess, my eating habits are a MESS. i feel so unmotivated. i need a guide, a drive, something. because right now, every day i feel like ass, and every day i'm dreading things. like going to work. and that shouldn't be something to dread. and it's not because i don't like my job -- i like my job. i don't know what's wrong with me. i just dread everything. and it feels like there's a huge weight, weighing down on my head.

i want to finish 'perks' tonight. i really like it.

and now, presenting: the 'get me thru the winter: volume one' playlist:

1. fireflies (owl city)
2. carry you there (hanson)
3. i will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie)
4. taylor (jack johnson)
5. taper jean girl (kings of leon)
6. undisclosed desires (muse)
7. the prettiest girl in the whole wide world (weezer)
8. skinny love (bon iver)
9. i'm the man who loves you (wilco)
10. looking over my shoulder (elliott smith)
11. feeling lucky (jimmy eat world)
12. raincoat song (the decemberists)
13. let it all hang out (weezer)
14. bed (brand new)
15. my darling (wilco)
16. hang you from the heavens (the dead weather)
17. everybody gets what they deserve (the churchills)
good enough (benjy davis project)

my 'first favorites' are in pink. let you know my 'favorites' when volume two comes out. i'm so excited about this project. it's basically the only thing i'm excited about right now. i need out of this rut. i feel like i'm missing a very large part of myself. the question is: where is it?

i miss my friends. i miss having roomates.


Anna Claire said...

we're going to figure this out. just keeping listening to the music. it will come.

Jenny Colomb said...

"it feels like there's a huge weight, weighing down on my head" this made me laugh a little cuz I pictured an actual weight on your head making you a really short version of yourself. Which is tragic, but a funny mental image, nonetheless.

Oh and Look Forward to This Weekend!!!!
We have options for when ya'll get in. But my favorite is probably dressing up and playing rock band!!