Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rocket man

it actually feels good to be here today. i opened the office door, and, despite the still-overwhelming industrial glue smell, it felt kind of like home.

tears last night when i realized neither of us have the slightest idea what we're doing; nor do we know anything about each other anymore.

tears this morning when i saw t.swift's video for 'fifteen,' when i was reminded of the pain we all put each other through. it made me miss innocence. i could really use the non-existence of this bitter-baggage i'm carrying around.

his text to her about uncertainty both relieved me (to hear some of my feelings voiced by someone else, and know that i'm not the only person carrying around this particular worry/issue) and depressed me (why does it have to be like that?).

can we say emo? maybe if i keep this up i'll get my book written.


work so i can save money
deposit savings so i can buy a house
work out so i'll keep it up
clean my mess of a room so i can stay sane
do laundry so i'll have clothes to wear
create 'get me thru the winter (volume one)' so i can be inspired
read for the same reason as above

this week:
watch 'the women' & 'across the universe'


predicament: when i attend the LSU TECH game with 2505, what do i wear?

if i'm a tigers fan...

if i'm a bulldogs fan...

if i'm just me...

what it's gon' be?
whichever dress is chosen
will be worn with tights,
boots, & some kind of jacket. obv.
give me some feedback. por favor.

1 comment:

Anna Claire said...

i like the one with purple and red flowers on it.

p.s. thank you.