Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i'm jealous of these people who have their lives together --
who have these wonderful significant others &
you can just tell they're happy
& in love & think the world of each other.
i guess this really is what it feels like to be single.. lonely.

i'm trying to rid myself of expectations currently.
but when i do allow myself to be tied to someone again,
i have already decided how i want things to be. 

thank you for convincing me that high school love
DOES exist outside of high school.
butterflies still happen. and it's ok to be crazy about someone
and think about them all the time. most of all, thank you for not
even knowing you've convinced me of these things.
it somehow makes them even more true. 

i've been dreaming of winter nights
that smell like cold air, cigarettes, & alcohol.
that look like boots & blankets &
hot breath on the freezing, black night.
that feel like high school, christmas,
halloween, new years, &
your birthday all rolled into one.
that taste like tangible energy.
the world is waiting on me &
all i have to do is drive.
and be. and that is enough.


Anna Claire said...

....this made my heart smile. that person is beautiful.

Love Darling said...

This is beautiful! I want this too.