Wednesday, October 21, 2009

good ole louisiana tech university.
it's so underestimated.
i'm glad i got to know its secrets.

i'm trying to let go of the  bad things that happened there. the things i'm selfish about and don't want to remember. they shaped my experience.. they're part of it. but that doesn't mean i don't still get mad about it. but i wish that those experiences didn't have the power to taint my experience when i go back for visits. come to think of it, i wish i didn't let it happen. i shouldn't. it should be a decision. maybe i should start letting it be, anyways. i shouldn't let anything ruin my trips back there. i need to enjoy every last drop of ruston i get to enjoy, because sooner than i'd care to admit, it won't be that place to go back to with limitless friends and limitless fun. it will be a place i used to go; a place where my friends used to live. we're all growing up, and ruston is the cost. that little bubble i spent four years of my life living in; with it's tangible feeling in the air and it's mysterious draw. i'll never forget it. i'll never stop missing it.


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