Friday, October 30, 2009

frumpy friday

cruel intentions last night.
'i'm impressed.'
'well, i'm in love.'

i wish work would have been cancelled today.

u g h

i am wearing jeans and a track jacket today. and uggs. i look entirely inappropriate to be here. i brought heels with me. they are in a plastic shopping bag underneath my desk, which i'm hoping to stay at all day.

i desperately need to clean my room. like REALLY clean it. it's starting to get to me. plus, i need to get rid of all the junk i've collected through the years so that when i move, it will be relatively painless.

i need some coffee. i may just drink strawberry water instead.

i started downloading all my new music. 'get me thru the winter' is going to be badass. i'm probably the most excited about bon iver. and tom waits. bon iver because i've listened to it some already, and it's like nick drake meets modest mouse -- strange i know, but equally lovely. and tom waits because lorelai gilmore loves tom waits. and i'm a toolbag.

i was next
to you
you were
right there
next to me

9 p.m. to 9 p.m.

oh, and let the records show that october was absolutely the opposite of angst-free. october was angsty lauren month. for sure. and you know what i realized? i like angst. especially on other people. angst is interesting.

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