Thursday, October 29, 2009

diets, clothes, i need to work.. and work out.

here are the things i bought yesterday:

black flat crinkle boots.

red cowboy boots.

vine ring. but mine is black.

plaid, flannel boy shirt.
this isn't the one i got.
but it's similar.

i'm pretty happy with all of these purchases. didn't feel much buyers' remorse. i always ignore buyers' remorse. if i didn't want it, i wouldn't have bought it, right? mine is more about the 'i really need to pay my bills && figure out how much money i actually have,' issue. i'm still young. i'm allowed to be a little bit reckless with my money.

right now i'm reading 'the perks of being a wallflower.' i've always heard that this is one of those books you just have to read. it's so true. you know what i'm about to do.

here are some quotes:
(anna-claire, i really need you to read the one in purple)


'i was just kind of watching people, seeing who was in love and who was hanging around...'


'"charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve."'


'i hate you.'
my sister said it different than she said it to my dad. she meant it with me. she really did.
'i love you,' was all i could say in return.
'you're a freak, you know that? you've always been a freak. everyone says so. they always have.'
'i'm trying not to be.'


'it's strange because sometimes, i read a book, and i think i am the people in the book.'


'she just nodded. i couldn't tell if she was sad or just knew more things than me.'


'sam tapped her hand on the steering wheel. patrick held his hand outside the car and made air waves. and i just sat between them. after the song finished, i said something.
"i feel infinite."
and sam and patrick looked at me like i said the greatest thing they ever heard. because the song was that great and because we all really paid attention to it. five minutes of a lifetime were truly spent, and we felt young in a good way. i have since bought the record, and i would tell you what it was, but truthfully, it's not the same unless you're driving to your first real party, and you're sitting in the middle seat of a pickup with two nice people when it starts to rain.'


'old pictures look very rugged and young, and the people in the photographs always seem a lot happier than you are.'


that's all i have marked for now. i love books like this. i love poetic prose. it makes me think of emerson or rebecca wells or anyone else who can write like that and make me want to read and read and read and read for the rest of my life, just because of how their words make me feel. and what i see when i read those words. i think the ability to write like that is a gift. a gift that should never be wasted.

now i'm just waiting for tomorrow:
black leather jacket
hair dye