Wednesday, September 23, 2009

today = fratty (in honor of guys RUSH) - i love SAE <3

i am in DESPERATE need of friend time.
thank goodness LMB & SKD are coming this weekend.
i had a long-overdue phone convo with SKD last night.
it's LMB's turn tonight.
i have on brand new shoes from target today.
my delivery came in the mail yesterday, as predicted.

short, slouchy, brown cowboy boots.
i'm drinking cappuccino delight slim fast.
i lost three pounds yesterday.

today i'm wearing my green button-down polo.
and a pink sweater.
and a pink seersucker skirt.

i need to start christmas shopping.

to do:
[x] work
[x] gym
[x] shower
[x] pack post-its/school notes to copy
[ ] laundry
[ ] paint nails 'lincoln park after dark'

[ ] breaking dawn to michael
[ ] apartment research
[x] make hair appointment
[ ] buy wedding pressies for cass
[x] be productive

my october presents to myself will be a coach purse & a black columbia fleece.

my november present to myself will hopefully be an apartment or house.


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