Saturday, September 26, 2009

if you want it.. you can have it..

i just want the comfortable, warm, fuzzy, protected feeling. getting drunk and going out always makes me crave that feeling. because after a night out, i always feel kind of exposed and embarrassed of acting a fool. i just want to feel happy. 

movie and takeout with LMB & SKD as soon as LMB's hair appointment is done. i think i'll feel better while doing that. i have seriously been hiding in the cave that is my bedroom ever since i got home from CNG's bridesmaid luncheon. i'm really surprised i made it though that.. but i'm glad i did. good company and good food. but like i said, i've been in bed since then, watching kardashians & ridiculous countdown shows since then. 

and drinking sprite.

i want the captains, and sleeping in front of football games, and starbucks runs. and movies all night. it's making me ultimately sad.

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